For over a decade I’ve been traveling around the globe performing as one of these characters for fabulous crowds!  It’s been a beautiful journey, and i’m kinda surprised at myself to be stopping that for a while to just, ya know, make it as an actor in LA! HAAAAAAA!!

My appearance on ABC’s The Gong Show Season 2 Episode 8
I had a lot of fun!  If it weren’t for body hair shaming Natasha Legero, I would’ve won . . . in my mind . . . yeah so there was this older couple that could dance like nobodies business!  They were never not going to win!


    Shows like this is what i’m giving up to try out this insanity.

big crowds at edinburgh fringe
Possibly my best show ever at the EdFringe!


Here is a not so bad video I cut together of my clown festival show in which i don’t talk or juggle! (That parts important cuz for years all i did in my show, and mostly still do, is talk and juggle)  But it’s cool! I do different things!

This is a not so good video i cut together of my fire juggling pole show!