Adorkable Derek in Dublin

Derek McAlister grew up like many people, somewhere no one has heard of except to say “oh, is that the place where that crazy thing happened?” i.e.. Plano, TX.  After 18 years in the suburbs of Dallas and after some maneuvering, Derek found himself thankfully in Austin finishing up his university studies where, in 2001 he would graduate with a degree in film. A general understanding of film would be gained, sure, but during college Derek really learned about juggling, rock climbing, and the outside world.

At the age of 7, Derek was introduced to juggling by a circus trio traveling from school to school teaching kids to be “juggle bugs.” At the end of the first week, Derek got his “juggle bug” patch and couldn’t wait to entertain/annoy anyone who would watch. The stage was set…

On his first trip to Europe in 1999 (before the Euro), Derek met a street performer both hilarious and successful.  Befriending Jean Michel-Pare shaped Derek’s future.  He decided then that coming back to Europe and performing on the streets was step one.  The “after that” would be determined, well, after that!

A few years later and thanks to the guidance of a dear friend Peter Sweet, Derek took his first clown workshop; a 6 week intensive study of the Le Coq style red nose clown taught by the master, Giovanni Fusetti!  Since then, and because of Derek’s passion for clown, he has also studied with Aitor Basauri, Fraser Hooper, Barnaby King, Leeroy Hart, and The Red Bastard.

Even clowns come from somewhere and Derek wants thank his mom and dad.  Without their open minds and support, Derek’s somewhat different approach to life would never have had a chance to grow.

If you want to see what inspires Derek, look up these geniuses:
Jonathan Taylor and Anne Goldman of the Daredevil Chicken Club, Jonathan Burns, Trygve Wakenshaw, Spymonkey, Rob Torres, Lords of Strut, Hiltoff, Sammy J and Randy, Tom Binns, Puddles, Captain Frodo, and The English Gents, just to name a few!

Juggling Fire, Toronto Busker Festival 2013



Coney Island first annual Busker festival
Festival of Fools Burlington VT
IJA Opening show
Leadville BBQ challenge
Frisco BBQ challenge
Dundas Buskerfest, Ontario
Lawrence Buskerfest Kansas
Circofest Puerto Rico
Shibuya Tokyo
Saitama Tokyo

National Folk Festival, Greensboro, NC
Durham Streets Festival (runner up People’s Choice)
Edinburgh Fringe, Scotland
Le Festival d’Aurillac, France
Berlin Lacht, Germany
Busk in London, England
Pflasterspektakel Linz, Austria
Frisco BBQ Challenge, USA
Tulsa Buskerfest, USA
Seaport Village Buskerfest, USA (Winner People’s Choice)

Ricmond Folk Festival
Lucid (circus) CO, USA
Waterloo Buskers, Cananda
La Plage Des Six Pompes, Switzerland
Spraoi Festival Waterford, Ireland
Lugano Buskers Switzerland
SPWC Dublin, Ireland
Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver, CO, USA
Austin Buskerfest, USA
World Buskerfest Christchurch, New Zealand

Ueno Park Buskers Festival, Tokyo, Japan
Sangenjaya Buskers Festival, Tokyo, Japan
Toyohashi Buskers Festival, Toyohashi, Japan
Shinjuku Street Theater Festival, Tokyo, Japan
Toronto Buskerfest, Toronto, Canada
Edmonton Fringe Fest, Canada
St. John Buskers on the Boardwalk, NB, Canada
Kingston Buskerfest, Canada
Winchester Hat Fair, England
Glastonbury Festival, England
Oklahoma City Arts Festival, Oklahoma, USA
Cirque Side of the Moon, Denver, CO, USA
Visindi Circus, Denver, CO, USA

Lannies Clocktower Cabaret Denver, CO
Downtown Buskerfest St. John’s, NewFoundland, Canada
Victoria International Buskers British Columbia, Canada
Calgary Stampede, Alberta, Canada
Festival of Fools Belfast, Ireland
Dubai Marina Buskerfest, U.A.E.

2001- 2011 Highlights:
Fira de Tarrega, Spain ’06&’11
Shrewsbury Buskerfest ’11
Miss Behave’s The Mess Edinburgh ’11
Cabaret Revue Edinburgh ’11
Port Elliot Festival Cornwal ’11
Vivacity Peterborough ’11
Winchester Hat Fair ’10&’11
Glastonbury ’10&’11
SPWC Cork and Dublin ’10
Naughty Pierres Cabaret Denver, CO  ’09
Old Pecan Street Festival Austin TX ’09-’08
Hoopla Festival Sydney ’09
Adelaide Buskerfest ’09
Zurich Theatre Spectacle ’01, ’04&’08
Festival Des Artistes de la rue De Vevey ’02&’08
Valentines Day Beach Fest Tonsai Thailand 04
Festival des la Trois Chenes de Geneve ’02
Festival Des Artistes de la rue De Vevey ’02
Gaukler Festival Lenzburg Switzerland ’01

Edinburgh 2015


Adelaide, Hobart, Sydney

Ambleside, Amsterdam, Antalya, Aurillac, Barcelona, Berlin, Bern, Cannes, Chamonix, Cinque Terra, Cologne, Copenhagen, Durham, Edinburgh, Eindhoven, Florence, Geneve, Grenoble, Heidelberg, Keswick, Lausanne, Linzburg, Linz, London, Luzern, Marseille, Montpellier, Nice, Paris, Prague, Rome, Rotterdam, Strasbourg, Vienna, Windermere, Zurich

Austin, Beaver Creek, Berkeley, Boston, Boulder, Dallas, Flagstaff, San Francisco, Vail, Vancouver B.C.

Ko Lao Liang, Tonsai beach, Rai ley beach


Studied with master clowns: Aitor Basauri, Eric Davis, Liz Baron, Leeroy Hart, Fraser Hooper, Barnaby King
Circus Training at Tasmania Circus Fest ’09
The Red Nose and the Advanced Clown’s Life workshop with Giovanni Fussetti ’07
Texas Juggling Society convention ’99-’03
European Juggling Convention Rotterdam ’01
BA in Radio Television Film from the University of Texas at Austin graduated ’01

Skills: 5 clubs, 7 balls, knives, fire torches, Diabolo, hat manipulation
Staff/fire staff, poi/fire poi
Chinese pole, Corde Lisse, Trapeze, Tissue, Lira